How I Work

I offer both time-limited and open-ended therapy, depending on the concerns that bring you to counselling.

I work with both individuals and couples.

Therapeutic Approaches

As a humanistic counsellor, my approach is grounded in person-centred and narrative therapy as well as transactional analysis, gestalt and existential therapy.

All of these approaches emphasise the importance of collaborative work towards achieving greater clarity about your experiences, values and what you are prepared to do to live a more meaningful and satisfying life. You can find out more about humanistic counselling here.

I subscribe to the Ethical Framework of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, a copy of which may be found at .

Finding the right fit for you

It can be hard and strange to find the right therapist. For this reason, I always begin with a short, initial consultation with no obligation.

Individual Therapy

Beginning the conversation may feel quite daunting. You do not have to have a diagnosis or even a name for the difficulty you are experiencing to begin therapy.

Many years ago, I myself experienced a time when I felt I needed help in dealing with the challenges life has presented me with, and it was this experience of receiving therapy that motivated me to become a counsellor.

Couples Therapy

I have experience working with couples struggling with understanding one another. I strive to listen to both parties equally, and to foster an atmosphere in which we can all actively listen to each other.

Walking and Talking Therapy

There are many therapeutic benefits to talking while outdoors. Sometimes it may be easier to express yourself without the constraints of being in an enclosed space or online, coupled with the mental health benefits of being outside in the fresh air. I offer walking and talking therapy in a variety of locations, including parks, river walks and botanical gardens.

Professional and Academic Support

The pressures of the modern workplace can make balancing our professional and private lives challenging. My background in academia gives me a grounding in understanding the processes, difficulties and questions that we encounter at different points in our career. In the past, I have also worked with PhD candidates as I am familiar with the emotional and intellectual stresses that research and writing can trigger.

Multi-lingual and Multi-cultural

Having moved to London over 30 years ago from Belgrade, Serbia, I offer support to those belonging to multiple cultures or negotiating feelings of displacement. I offer therapy in English, Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian.